How To Use Your New Vanity Address

You can import your new bitcoin address (and its private key) into most popular bitcoin wallets. Here's a quick guide for the most popular wallets. If you don't see instructions for your wallet, we suggest searching Google for instructions.


Create a new wallet, select "Import Bitcoin addresses or private keys" and then enter the private key from the generator.

Login to your account. Click "Settings". Click "Addresses". Click "+ Import Bitcoin Address". Copy and paste your private key shown by the generator. Click "Import". Wallet

Login to your web wallet. Click "Settings". Click "Tools". Click "Import External Wallet". Click "Simple Private Key". Copy and paste your private key from the generator. Click "Next". You may need to wait a few minutes for synchronization.


How It Works

A vanity address is found by generating thousands of random bitcoin addresses and then applying a filter. The script automates this process and returns to you only an address matching your chosen prefix.